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“                                                         Blowing Smoke

                                    If I meet him, I’ll tell him: You’re my favorite poet.

                                    At least for now. I mean it. At my age

                                    I don’t need to blow smoke up anyone’s ass.

                                    It’s a skill we master before we’re thirty.

                                    When we’re still trying to become whatever

                                    we think we should. Before I was thirty

                                    I made declarations about becoming,

                                    always suspecting I wouldn’t become much.

                                    At fifty I’ve attained my secret goal.

                                    The pressure is off. No one has become

                                    exactly the stuff of their declarations or fears.

                                    (Which is exactly the subject of his poems.)

                                    Instead we all become the smoke:

                                    perfect circles out of our mouths,

                                    vanishing in air as we rise.   

About George

About George



George Guida is the author of eight books, the latest of which will appear in 2020: a fifth collection of poems, Zen of Pop (Long Sky Media) and the revised edition of his second collection New York and Other Lovers (Encircle Publications). Pugilistic (WordTech Editions), his third collection of poems; The Sleeping Gulf (Bordighera Press), his fourth collection of poems; and Spectacles of Themselves: Essays in Italian American Literature and Popular Culture (Bordighera Press), his second collection of critical essays–were published in 2015 . His poetry, fiction and essays appear in numerous journals and anthologies. He teaches writing and literature at New York City College of Technology, and serves as Senior Advisory Editor to 2 Bridges Review.